Blowdrying Your Toes Is The Health Hack You Need To Be Doing


Torwai Suebsri / EyeEm / Getty Images


You probably have never thought of blowdrying your toes before. I know I hadn’t until I read about it online, but if you aren’t doing, you really should.

Feet are prone to a whole slew of issues, from just being smelly to foot fungus and more. They’re in contact with the ground all the time, and are likely to be exposed to some pretty nasty stuff.


When you shower, you’d think you would get rid of all of that stuff, right?

Well, actually, not so much.

Having your feet air dry can take over 30 minutes because of all the nooks and crannies, and if you put your socks and shoes on, it could trap that moisture and excess bacteria you may not have rinsed away.

Blowdrying your toes not only gets rid of all of that excess moisture, but a hotter heat setting will kill all of that excess bacteria!

Plus, fall and winter are coming up, so you’ll keep your feet warm while you’re at it.

This prevents foot fungus and that smell no one wants to have when they take off their shoes.

In addition, always wear a clean pair of socks, shoes that allow air flow, and flip flops at the gym. Your feet will thank you.

Have you tried this hack before?