Beer: The Little-Known Secret To Terrific Chocolate Cupcakes


pankobunny / YouTube


Beer Cupcakes

There are few pleasures in life that rival beer. Food, particularly desserts, may be one of those rivals. But what if beer and dessert are combined? Nothing could beat that.


I know beer in a dessert probably sounds a little weird, but once you find the right recipe, there’s no going back. I’m happy to let you know that you just found the right recipe… beer cupcakes.

Both the batter and the frosting have stout beer in it– YouTuber pankobunny uses Guiness– and it really brings out the chocolatey flavor of the cupcake. Who knew?

So I’m guessing by now you probably want to know how to make them yourself. Luckily I have the recipe for you, so let’s get started.

How It’s Made

First thing’s first: know that this recipe does have alcohol in it. It will cook off in the oven, but if you use the beer in the frosting, then it won’t be cooked off. Adjust the ingredients to fit your needs.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

– stout beer
– unsalted butter
– cocoa powder
– sugar
– all-purpose flour
– baking soda
– chocolate chips
for the rest of the ingredients and the amounts needed, click here.

for the ingredients and amounts needed for the frosting, click here.

Making The Cupcakes

Whipping up these cupcakes is super simple. You’ll be done in no time, and once you serve them, everyone’s going to be asking for the recipe. 

Click here to see how it’s done.