Beer Feeds Your Lawn & Keeps It Green


During the spring and summer, it’s imperative that your lawn stays fed and watered. Otherwise, you’ll end up with the brown lawn everyone dreads.

The solution? A DIY lawn food that will keep your lawn exactly how you want it. That along with a good watering schedule will give you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of.


You can also spot treat using this method, and your lawn will thank you. This recipe comes from blogger Alexis Rocheter with Chemistry Cachet, and you’re gonna love it.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your beer-infused lawn food:

  • beer (anything you have)
  • mild baby shampoo (NOT antibacterial)
  • club soda
  • epsom salt (unscented)
  • household ammonia
  • hose sprayer with multiple settings

For exact measurements, check out Chemistry Cachet‘s post on this lawn food by clicking here.

This recipe works for a ton of reasons, one of which being the beer’s ingredients as well as its good bacteria feed your lawn and kill fungus.

If you have any dark spots in your lawn, pouring a small amount of beer over that spot can clear it up, evening out the lawn and giving a solid, green appearance.

Whether you have a small patch of grass or a large-scale lawn, this is your dead, nasty lawn saver. I guarantee you’ll love it.

Combine your ingredients, then spray evenly over your lawn. The more water you add to this solution, as described in the video, the more will soak into your lawn.

Be sure to check out Chemistry Cachet to understand why this works, and to see the exact measurements for this lawn miracle.

Enjoy using it and happy summer!