Beat The Heat With A Giant DIY Slip N’ Slide


I Like To Make Stuff / YouTube


Your childhood is incomplete if you’ve never used a Slip N’ Slide on a hot summer day. It’s like having a water park in your own backyard!

We’ve been hit by some serious heat this summer. It’s time for every activity you can think of to cool off– and that means it’s time to whip out the Slip N’ Slide.


The problem is most Slip N’ Slides are made for super little kids. They’re pretty tiny, meaning that anyone over the age of 5 really wouldn’t be able to experience the true magic of a Slip N’ Slide.

That is, until now.

I found this video tutorial for making a monstrous Slip N’ Slide. Seriously, this thing is enormous, and it’s not as hard to make as you may think.

Depending on how much room you have for one of these babies, you can have a Slip N’ Slide as big as you want with just a few things:

  • Plastic sheeting as big as you’d like
  • PVC piping & valve(s)
  • PVC cement
  • Landscape pins
  • Pool noodles
  • String
  • Nuts
  • Something to hold the noodles in place, like a skateboard wheel
  • Hose
  • Hose repair mender with clamps
  • Soap (optional)
  • Additional sprinkler (optional)

You may also want some inner tubes for some additional slippage. Watch the tutorial below to learn exactly how to put this together and beat the heat– the fun way.

Happy Summer!