Back To Basics: Sew A Cover Stitch With A Double Needle


Professor Pincushion / YouTube


The Beautiful Cover Stitch

If you’re unfamiliar with what a cover stitch is, I promise you’ll recognize it as soon as you see it. A cover stitch is a professional stitch commercially used in hemming.


You’ll see this stitch everywhere clothing is sold. It gives a beautifully finished and clean look to anything you’re sewing up.

The cover stitch doesn’t have to be exclusive to stores. You can sew them yourself, and with a double needle, it looks just as perfect as something on the hanger!

Because this stitch can be so easily stretched, it’s absolutely perfect for knit garments.

Here’s How To Do It

First, get your double needle (also known as a twin needle) ready on your sewing machine. You can find these at most fabric stores, and if you need help installing it, you can ask a staff member for help!

You also need to use a machine that is capable of a zig zag stitch. You will be using a straight stitch, but to make sure it is capable of a double stitch, the zig zag needs to be in its repertoire.

Thread your needles with 2 spools of thread like Professor Pincushion explains in her video below. It’s a pretty simple process, but it takes some focus. Thread your bobbin normally.

Let’s Get Stitching

Now, using a straight stitch, you can back stitch as normal if you so choose. If it’s a knit fabric, there’s no need to stretch it, and make sure you’re watching the right side mostly as you go.

Do a straight stitch and watch as the bobbin zig zags in the back… it does all the work for you! Once you tie off your stitch, you’re done!

For a visual tutorial, watch Professor Pincushion‘s video below. Good luck!