Back To Basics: Learn The Blanket Stitch


Red Ted Alert / YouTube


Even if you’re a pro with your sewing machine, I still think everyone should learn how to sew by hand.

There are tons of hand stitches that end up being useful, but I prefer the blanket stitch whenever I want to see my work.


Whether you experience a tear that you need to mend while you’re traveling, or you just don’t have sewing machine access, the blanket stitch is a gorgeous way to sew any project. That, and it’s simple to do!

Here’s how you do it.

Start with your two pieces of fabric on top of each other. With your needle and thread (knotted at the end of the thread), go from the bottom of the top piece of fabric up, not touching the bottom piece just yet.

Then, go from the bottom of the bottom piece, through the top piece where the first thread came out. Right before you secure that first stitch, place your needle through the loop, then tighten it.

That’s your first blanket stitch. For the rest of the stitches, go from the bottom up, through the bottom fabric through to the top. Place your needle in the loop before you secure it, pull it through, and that’s it!

Once you’re finished, secure the blanket stitches with a knot.

What’s your favorite hand stitch to do?