Back To Basics: How To Spin Your Seams


The Stitch TV Show / YouTube


Seam Spinning

Spinning your seams is a necessity for all sorts of quilting patterns. It allows all of those stitches to lay correctly, making your finished quilt top smooth and gorgeous.

Sometimes getting those seams to spin correctly can be a bit of an issue. Once you learn how to do it correctly, however, it’s so simple, and makes all the difference in your projects.


The Stitch TV Show on YouTube lays it all out in a simple video tutorial. A lot of seam spinning has to do with placing your seam allowances a certain way.

Basically, you need to make the seam allowances face different directions. The seam facing your machine should ideally be on the top before you go in for your stitching.

A Universal Technique

Why? Because you’ll notice more if it flips under. From here, you’ll do some seam ripping and more stitching to get the seams exactly where you need them

The Stitch TV Show demonstrates this with a simple 4 patch, but this technique works for all sorts of seams and blocks. Just give it a shot with any block, and you’ll be an expert in no time.

Watch The Stitch TV Show‘s video below and get to spinning your own seams. It’s such a simple technique, and you’ll be using it constantly!

Good Luck!