Artists Crochets Dried Leaves To Make Sculptures


Susanna Bauer (@susanna_bauer) / Instagram


Susanna’s Talent

Have you ever seen a piece of art that’s so captivating you can’t help but let your jaw drop? What about a piece of art made out of crochet materials?

Probably not, huh? Well, that’s about to change.


I’ve seen so many crochet projects over the years. From beanies to blankets and more, I thought I had seen people crochet everything. I was wrong.

Susanna Bauer has turned my crocheting world upside down. She’s found a way to crochet something completely unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

She crochets with dried leaves. You heard me right. Imagine using pieces of dried-up leaves and your regular crochet materials to stitch up a truly unique piece of art.

That’s exactly what Susanna Bauer does, and she’s taken over the internet with her incredible work. I’ve never seen a talent like this before– and it’s easy to see why so many people love her.

For Bauer, crochet becomes a sculptural method and a way to the expression ideas and emotions. With that, crafting turns into fine art, and it’s something I can confidently say most people have never seen.

The craziest part of it ll is the fact that she doesn’t treat the leaves with anything before crocheting with them, meaning the leaves are insanely fragile and breakable.

In fact, Bauer has said in the past that sometimes, a leaf won’t be selected to be used for over a year and sits in her studio in the meantime. Insane, right?

Susanna’s work has impressed crochet fanatics and art buffs alike. A ton of her work goes on display in art galleries and people flock to see them.

Would you ever try to crochet like this?