Anyone Can Paint These 4th of July Glitter Gradient Nails


HannahRoxNails / YouTube


Painting Patriotically

HannahRoxNails / YouTube

For July 4th every year, I tend to go all out. I make food that’s patriotic, I dress patriotic, I do my makeup to look patriotic, and I paint my nails to look patriotic.


This year, I think I’ve hit the jackpot. I’ve painted my nails to look like flags, I’ve alternated between red white and blue, but I hadn’t found anything this perfect until now.

It comes from YouTuber HannahRoxNails, and it’s stunning. It’s glittery gradient nails that are super patriotic. Switch up the colors, and you’ve got the perfect nails all year long!

Wanna paint these glittery American beauties yourself? Luckily for you, it’s insanely easy. First, grab your supplies:

  • base coat of choice
  • silver nail polish for your base
  • red glitter nail polish
  • blue glitter nail polish
  • silver glitter nail polish
  • small detail brush
  • top coat of choice (HannahRoxNails suggests a plumping top coat)

How To Paint It

HannahRoxNails / YouTube

First, apply whatever base coat you prefer to your nails. Next, use a metallic silver for your base color. Take a red glitter polish and apply it to about half of your nail.

Do the same with some blue glitter polish, leaving a small stripe of silver in the middle. Use a silver glitter polish to cover the middle first, then begin to blend outward a bit.

Use a small brush with small strokes to blend the silver with the other colors. As you do this, you’ll notice a beautiful gradient forming.

Do the same thing with your red and blue polishes, using a small brush with small strokes to blend it even further. Finally, apply a top coat. HannahRoxNails suggests a plumping top coat for a smooth surface.

Then that’s it, you’re done! Let them dry completely, and you’re ready for the 4th! Happy Independence Day!