An Old Chicken Feeder Upcycles Into A Perfect Light Fixture


RustiqueReInVintage / Etsy


Use A Chicken Feeder In A Whole New Way

RustiqueReInVintage / YouTube

If you’re as into farmhouse decor as I am, then you’ll know how excited I was when I saw these light fixtures. They fit in with any rustic decor, and they’re made with the most unorthodox thing ever.


An old chicken feeder! I know, these look way too nice to be made from something many people would consider dirty, but after you clean it up a little bit and build the lamp, they look incredible!

I found these lamps from Etsy shop RustiqueReInVintage. If you’d like these exact chicken feeder lamps, check out their shop!

If you want a slightly different style of chicken feeder lamp, though, I found a video tutorial by YouTuber GoodView Woodworks. His is a bit more rustic, and uses a trough chicken feeder instead!

GoodView Woodworks / YouTube

In a more urban-inspired room, or a room that looks just a bit too clean to be farmhouse, this DIY version of the chicken feeder is perfect.

Now, if you’re not exactly an electrician, don’t worry. A lot of superstores sell lamp making kits, which come with the hardware needed to make any kind of lamp.

From there, it makes things pretty simple! You’ll want to make a wood mount to hold the wires and the bulbs. With just a couple of drilled holes and a tiny bit of wood on each end to lift it.

String the lamp parts through the drilled wood. You’ll need to work with the wiring first to get it to fit the way you want it. 

The next part is attaching it to the chicken feeder and the wall/ceiling. Watch GoodView Woodworks’ video below to learn how.

Enjoy your new light fixture, and have fun making it!