Use A Fork To Create Embroidered Flowers


Rose World / YouTube


There’s nothing that relaxes me quite like embroidery. Creating something gorgeous out of thread or yarn and using it to decorate your world? What a fun way to sew!

Embroidery is intricate, but depending on how easy the design is, it can be very therapeutic. One of the easiest things to embroider is flowers, especially with this incredible hack I found!


Wanna know what you’ll need for this besides your regular embroidery supplies? A fork. That’s it!

Yep, if you use a fork to form your flowers, you’ll be done super quickly, and you won’t believe how even they come out!

Take your yarn and begin to weave it around your fork like so: over one prong, under two prongs, over the last prong. Then, you’ll want to loop it back around.

To loop it back around, you’re going to weave the opposite: under one prong, over two prongs, and under the last prong. Loop it back around and start the first sequence again, and keep going!

Once you’re done looping around your fork, it’s time to thread yarn through the end of one prong. Tie that off and adjust the loops to make petals. There’s your flower!

Just stitch that on to your piece, add anything else you’d like, and you created the most beautiful embroidery piece ever!

Watch Rose World‘s video down below and try this hack yourself!