“All Stars” Block May Be The Easiest You Ever Make


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Hey Now, You’re An All Star

There’s nothing like an easy quilt with an big impact. The Missouri Star Quilt Company always gives us those quilt patterns, and they’re back with one called “All Stars.”

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Jenny Doan teaches us how to make this quilt in another one of her video tutorials, and it may be one of this easiest ones you’ll ever make.

It has a gorgeous windmill like design that takes zero time to make. I’m guessing you’d like to take a crack at it yourself, so here’s where to start:

Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube

Making this block is super simple. First, decide how many colors you’d like the quilt to be. Your background fabric is quite dominant in this design, so choose that particular one wisely.

You’ll be using blocks and strips to put this together. The blocks will be your background fabric, and the strips will be the surrounding fabric.

Lay your strips on the corners of your blocks at an angle. Then, sew them on right sides together, and snowball the sewed edge, pressing and trimming. Press, trim, and open on all 4 sides.

Then that’s it. Your block is done! Repeat multiple times, and when you put the blocks together, you’ll notice little windmills forming in the corners.

Now get to quilting this yourself!

Happy Quilting!


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