Adorable Flower Crowns Are The Easiest DIY There Is


Naptural85 / YouTube


Flower Crowns

The flower crown: it’s a fashion staple. Lana Del Rey was known for wearing them in 2012, and they’ve been used in a ton of music videos and red carpet events.


Perhaps the most well-known use for flower crowns is as a music festival accessory. You see them everywhere from Coachella to Burning Man to Glastonbury and more.

Where there is a music festival, there is a flower crown. Or 1,000, give or take.

Spring is festival season, and that means flower headbands and flower crowns are making a comeback. You’ll definitely see some people rocking one of these whether they’re at a festival or not!

Whether you go all out and make something with a ton of flowers, or you go more laid-back with only a few, this is such a simple project and it’s totally on trend for spring.

So do you want to make your own flower crowns? Easy! Let’s get started.

I found a great tutorial for these flower crowns from Naptural85 on YouTube. To get the flower crown going, you’ll first need a base.

Depending on how you want the crown to fit, you’ll need one of four things:

  • an elastic headband for gluing a few flowers,┬árests around the forehead and the back of the head, or on top of the head
  • a wreath-like circle that’s non flexible for a thicker crown, rests around the forehead and the back of the head
  • a thin or thick plastic headband that sits on the top of the head
  • a DIY headband made from wire and twine, like Naptural85 does

Now comes the adding of the flowers. You can obviously go the easy route and just hot glue flowers in place, or you can watch Naptural85 make hers and copy her technique!

How will you make your flower crown?