Adorable “Eggs On Toast”: Unique And Done In A Flash


Sew Very Easy / YouTube


Unique Eggs On Toast Quilt

Laura Ann Coia from Sew Very Easy is back at it again with this adorable “Eggs On Toast” quilt. I know you’ll love making it just as much as I have!


What I love so much about this quilt is how truly unique it is. I can say in all of my years of quilting, I have never seen another quilt like this, and now it’s one of my favorites in my collection!

Not to mention the center portion, or the “eggs” if you will, are so easy to make. It’s simply triangles with the eggs on top of them, and you can create the eggs out of a template!

If you don’t have an egg template readily available, don’t worry. You can make one by simply creating an oblong egg-like shape out of cardboard or plastic.

Finishing The Eggs

As for the center, it’s a simple small circle, which you probably have available as a template in your collection.  You can either stitch the eggs on to the triangles, or you can use fusible interfacing.

The borders make this quilt perfected, along with the back fabric and batting. The borders are simplistic, and it really allows the eggs to shine.

Laura provides a link to a free pattern which you can find by clicking here. Even without the pattern, it’s so simple to complete. I finished mine in no time!

Watch Laura stitch up this easy quilt in her video below, then you can get started on your own!

Happy Quilting!