Adorable Easter Egg Placemats Couldn’t Be Any Easier To Make


QuiltersWorkshop / YouTube


Easter Placemats

Easter is almost here. I’m having people over for brunch, and needed to make some super cute table decorations. I decided to start with placemats.


What could be better Easter placemats than Easter eggs? These super cute placemats look great on the table, are incredibly festive, and are beyond easy to make.

Perfect, right? Here’s how to do it.

How It’s Done

Start out with some cute strips of bright spring fabric. You can vary on width if you’d like, but the length of the strips should be about equal.

You’ll also need a large cutout of an egg shape in order to make these placemats. You can either make a template out of a large piece of paper, or you can even use HeatNBond.

First, sew together your strips horizontally. Then, you can move on to your next step.

There are a few ways to go about this. If you’re using your HeatNBond, then you’ll iron your strip set on to it, then ironed on to some fusible batting and some backing fabric. Stitch around a top stitch, and it’s done.

Another way to go about this is how QuiltersWorkshop does it in her tutorial below. After sewing together your strips, cut out the egg shape along with a back piece, and stitch it together with some batting.

Super cute placemats don’t need to be hard to make, and if you’re having people over for Easter brunch, this is a sewing project you need to do.

Watch the video below for more details on how to get this done. You’re gonna love making this project!