Adorable DIY Advent Calendar Can Be Used Year After Year


Melanie Ham / YouTube


Advent calendars: such a holiday staple. Whether it’s for Christmas, for Chanukah, or another winter holiday, it makes a great gift, plus it’s a lot of fun, and it’s beyond adorable to have hanging!

Instead of buying those cheap cardboard advent calendars, you can sew up your own. They have a lot more personality this way, and they’re totally customized!


You can customize the design, the amount of days, the size and shape of the calendar, and more. After following some basic instructions, it’s all up to you.

YouTuber Melanie Ham created a tutorial for making this super cute advent calendar. So let’s get started!

To make this, Melanie used some pre-quilted fabric for her background and some festive green fabric to make the pockets and trees.

As for the details, she uses some plaid ribbon to hang it up, some card stock to write the days, clothespins to hang the days, and a wooden rod to hang the calendar on.

From here, it’s as easy as figuring out how many days you’d like to do, and creating the right amount of pockets for the background, then decorating and hanging it!

Watch Melanie’s tutorial below and begin stitching it up yourself!