Sew A Catch-All Fabric Basket


TheCraftyGemini / YouTube


Catch-All Basket

In need of a new sewing project? TheCraftyGemini has got your back. She posted a YouTube video showing how to make an adorable little fabric basket that you’ll use for everything.


This little basket can be used for all sorts of things. Use a baby print fabric to store things on a changing table. Make it a bit larger to store remotes on your coffee table. The choice is yours!

Whether you practically sew for a living or haven’t sewn a day in your life, this basket is a project you’ll love stitching up. It’s super simple, too!

The secret for getting this basket perfectly stiff is Pellon Shape Flex & Flex Foam. This stuff turns plain old fabric into something much more sturdy, making the basket a bit more worthwhile.

In addition to that, this is what you’ll need to make the exact basket TheCraftyGemini makes. Adjust the sizes as necessary for different sized baskets:

  • 1 piece of fabric at 10″ x 8″ for outer
  • 1 piece of fabric at 10″ x 8″ for lining fabric
  • 1 piece of Pellon Shape Flex (SF101) for lining
  • 1 piece of Pellon Flex Foam at 9″ x 7″
  • coordinating thread
  • basic sewing supplies

Now that you’ve got your supplies, you can begin building the basket. Luckily for you, it’s incredibly easy. You can make a ton of these in no time!

In fact, they’re so quickly made that they’re perfect as last minute gifts as well. Customize them however you’d like, and they can be given to literally anyone!

By now, you’re probably dying to get started on your own. Now that your supplies are ready, watch the video below and get started on making your own baskets.

Good luck and have fun!

TheCraftyGemini / YouTube