Achieve A Gorgeous Jump Ring Design By Doing A Twist On This Classic Quilting Method


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


This jump ring quilt top was so fun to make. It was super easy, and I sewed it in just a couple of days.

I loved how different this quilt looked, plus I could make it with just one jelly roll, around two yards of background fabric, and about a yard and a half of fabric for the outside border.


For each block, you’ll need a piece of background fabric that is 5″x6″. You’ll also cut four 2.5″ squares of this fabric. Cut two 5″ pieces from a jelly roll strip, as well as two 10″ strips and four 1.5″ squares.

Basically all you’re going to do to achieve this block is snowball the block twice. If you need a refresher on snowballing, check out this quilt by clicking here.

All you do is add your add your 1.5″ squares to all 4 corners of the 5″x6″ square, sewing them on diagonally and cutting away the corner right above the stitch line.

Add your 5″ pieces and 10″ pieces to the sides of this, sew them on, then add the 2.5″ squares of the background fabric and repeat the first step again.

That’s your block! Want to know how to piece together the rest of the quilt?

Jenny with Missouri Star Quilt Company is a great teacher, so her tutorial is very thorough and easy to follow. Watch how she makes this quilt in the video below, then give it a shot yourself!