A Few Simple Steps Transforms Old Trampolines Into Stylish Hanging Swings


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Trampoline Chair

Trampolines: I feel like every family has had one. Whether it’s a super tiny one used for exercise, or a huge one for the kids, they can be a whole lot of fun.


They also can end up in the garage after a while, so what do you do once you stop using them for jumping? Turn them into adorable hanging swings!

Imagine combining a hammock with the bounciness of a trampoline. What could be comfier than that?

  • trampoline
  • pool noodle
  • rope
  • fabric of choice
  • spray glue
  • papasan cushion
  • pillows to match decor

How It’s Done

First thing’s first: you’ll want to remove the legs from your trampoline in order to make it compatible for hanging. You can usually use a screwdriver or wrench to get this done.

Now that you’ve got the basic trampoline disconnected, remove the safety outline as well before you start building. Cut your pool noodle in half lengthwise on one side only.

Pop this pool noodle around the edge of the trampoline, and continue using noodles until the entire trampoline is protected. Hot the outside of the noodle with some spray glue.

Wrap the outer edge with fabric, spraying your glue and pressing down the fabric. Wrap your rope around this area next, tying knots as you go to make it look finished on the edges.

Now comes the hanging. Make sure you have rope that will hold the amount of weight you’d like to hold. Tie on the trampoline from all sides, leaving at opening to enter the swinging chair.

Tie this into a big knot at the top and hang it wherever it’s safe. Top with your papasan cushion, matching pillows, and you’re done!

Here are some styles to get you started designing:


Watch Hallmark’s video below to get a visual on how this is done. Then you can build your own. Have fun and good luck!