A $7 Poster Can Turn A Cheap Dresser Into A Piece Of Art


Debi's Design Diary / YouTube


Almost every dresser I’ve ever seen is a plain color or pattern. Those can be gorgeous, sure, but what if you want your dresser to really stand out?

Debi with Debi’s Design Diary¬†thought the same thing and ended up turning a thrift store dresser into am homage to Marilyn Monroe!


Surprisingly, getting this result is much easier than it looks. It only takes a few cheap materials.

The hardest part is positioning and sticking on the image, but it’s much easier to make this dresser than it looks.

With some paint, mod podge, a poster, and an old dresser, she makes this unique bedroom art piece. First she paints her thrift store dresser.

Once that dries, she cuts out her poster and fits it to the drawers, mod podging it on. She adds optional knobs and mod podges those, and seals the whole thing with a satin finish clear coat.

The result is gorgeous, and there are so many ways to customize this and make it entirely your own! After seeing this tutorial, I can’t wait to design my own.

How are you going to design yours?