9 Simple Hacks To Up Your Instagram Game


Jessica Neistadt / YouTube


Sometimes, you just want to take the perfect Instagram photo but you just can’t get it. There’s a way to fix that, believe it or not, and all you need to know are a few hacks.

Here are a ton to get you started. Easy!


These 3 tips come from Asha Tregear on YouTube.

All About Lighting

Lighting makes all the difference when it comes to photos. You want a direct light source that comes from in front of you rather than behind you so you can see your face/subject.

“Golden Hour” is the best time for naturally-lighted photos. This is around sunrise or sunset. 

Add Mood or Movement

Mood and movement make an enormous difference in your photos. Mood is exactly what it sounds like– add a ton of personality to your photos with smiles, laughs, funny facial expressions, and so on.

Movement is also pretty straight forward. If you’re actually doing something in the photo, it adds a lot to the picture. Try moving around when you take your pics!

Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is an artistic theory that not only applies to renaissance paintings, but now your instagram photos, too. Basically, turn on the grid on your phone and you’ll notice it’s in 9 squares.

These 9 squares each meet at points. Those points are where you want the subject of your photo should be. This is proven to be aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Perfect for Instagram!

These 3 tips come from Jessica Neistadt on YouTube.

Take A Photo Of EXACTLY How You Want Your Background To Look

If you take a photo of your background and angle before someone else takes a photo for you, then they’ll understand exactly how you want the photo to look.

In addition to this, you can take a practice pic of another person if you want to test the lighting. It’s easy and foolproof!

Find Poses That Flatter Your Body Type & Face Shape

Finding poses that flatter you is half the battle when it comes to photo taking. Taking it from certain angles can help elongate the body and flatter your shape as much as possible.

Be sure to keep arms and legs fluid, allowing them to flow freely so they don’t look stuck to your body.

Take Burst Or Live Photos

Burst and live photos on your iPhone allow you to get the most photos in the smallest amount of time. The more photos you take, the more likely it is you’ll find the perfect one.

In addition, this hack allows you to get a ton of movement out of your pictures, so you’re more likely to get a good pic!

These 3 tips come from Evelina on YouTube.

Find Editing Software That Works For You

From Facetune to VSCO to Lightroom and more, there is a type of editing software you’ll love using on your photos. Give a few a try and see what works for you!

Negative Space

Negative space gives more attention to the focal point of the image and makes the whole photo pop. You’ll definitely get more likes with this one!

If You Want An Instagram Theme, Create A Color Palette & Stick To It

Creating a color palette makes your instagram feed cohesive and appealing. Find a palette that works for you, then stick to it on your feed! You’ll end up loving every image.


What tips do you recommend?