9 Genius Hacks Every Knitter Should Know


Sheep & Stitch / YouTube


Knitting Hacks

I love knitting, but sometimes there are a few things that make the process more bothersome than it needs to be. Instead of just dealing with it, do something about it.


Try these hacks by Sheep & Stitch and everything will be a whole lot easier!

Hack #1: Make Your Own Project Bag

If you knit and commute, then you know how crucial it is to have a bag to hold your project. Keeping it in your purse makes it collect dust or get tangled up. Having a project bag is a perfect solution.

Instead of going online and looking for a specific project bag, you can make one out of a Ziploc! On one side of the bag only, poke a hole and cut a slit to the top. It’s the perfect place to thread yarn.

Hack #2: Chart Knitting Trick

If you’re a chart knitter, you probably have this problem often: you lose what row you’re on, and have no idea what to stitch next. Well, no more guessing for you. Just use this hack!

With a post-it note or some washi tape, mark where you are in your chart. This hack allows you to move the mark so you know exactly what to knit next at all times!

Hack #3: Straighten The Cable Of Your Circular Needles

Buying new circular needles often ends up getting you a super curly, unruly cable. How do you untangle it? Easy! Dip it in some boiling water. Give it a couple of minutes, and it’s straightened. Problem solved!

Hack #4: Weaving Excess Yarn

Weaving your leftover yarn at the end of a project can be super annoying and complicated. Instead of doing at the end, do it at the beginning! Watch Sheep & Stitch do it in the video below!

Hack #5: Measuring With A Finger

From the tip of your finger to the first joint is about 1 inch. Can’t get ahold of a ruler? Use your finger tip instead. It’s perfect for some makeshift measuring.

Hack #6: Keep Your Pattern In Reach

If you aren’t currently knitting at home, keep your pattern with you. You can do this by emailing it to yourself, taking a photo of it, keeping a printout with you, or saving it to an online source.

No matter where you are, you’ve got your pattern!

Hack #7: Stress-Free Long Tail Cast On

Don’t let the guesswork ruin your project. Too little? You’ve gotta rip it off the needle. Too much? You’ve gotta rip it off the needle. Well, no more of that with this hack.

Use a center pull ball of yarn or 2 balls of yarn to cast on with 2 strands of yarn. It makes everything a whole lot easier, and you’ll never need to rip away your work again!

Watch the tutorial below for more details.

Hack #8: Make Your Own Stitch Markers

Sure, you can buy them at the craft store, but you can save money by taking random things around your house and turning them into stitch markers.

You can use paper clips, rubber bands, a small piece of yarn tied in a loop, hair ties, or even a ring you have laying in your jewelry dish!

Hack #9: Wash Your Knitted Projects With Baby Shampoo

Don’t have wool soap for your projects? Baby shampoo works! Just squeeze a bit into warm water, suds up your knitting, rinse well, and lay it out to dry. Easy!


Watch Sheep & Stitch‘s video below for more details, then try these hacks for yourself!