7 Rustic Decor DIYs Made With Things You Already Have


Rachel Talbott / YouTube


Recycling. Everyone should do it. If you forget to put that water bottle in the recycling bin, don’t freak out. There are a million ways you can recycle. My favorite way? DIY!

I love rustic decor, so this DIY video by Rachel Talbott was perfect. Recycling while getting your home to be as farmhouse as possible? Now that sounds good to me.


Even better? I already had most of the things I needed!

Here are 7 DIYs perfect for recycling all that old stuff you’ve probably got laying around.


Upcycled Candle

Save an old vase, cup, or container and turn it into a unique candle. Use a candle kit along with an old perfume or scent of choice, and you’ve got a great and unique candle!

Upcycled Vases & Jars

If you have old glass jars you want to change up, try spray painting them with a cool foggy matte spray paint. Use them to store flowers, makeup, or whatever else you’d like.

DIY Rustic Coasters

Grab some small pieces of wood (she uses round ones), stain them if you’d like, and seal with . waterproof sealant. Cute coasters for next to no money? Yes please!

Upcycled Wood Necklace Holder

Create a unique piece for your space with a piece of wood, some stain, and some knobs you can find for cheap. Screw on a wall hanging, and it’s super unique and ready to go!

DIY Bath Tray

Measure your bath and run to home depot for a custom cut of wood (I promise it’s cheap). Drill some feet on the bottom, stain or paint the wood, and you have a unique piece for your bathroom.

Upcycled Glass Soap Dispenser

My husband had a Jack Daniels Whiskey bottle left over from a food photography shoot he did. I decided to keep it, remove the label & turn it into a soap dispenser for the sink. I LOVE how it turned out..

DIY Hanging Paint Can Holder

If you have an old paint can, use it to hold flowers.. You can either put it on display on a table or hang it for a unique look and feel. You could also paint the can if that’s more your style.


Watch Rachel Talbott make these DIYs in the video below, and work on some for yourself! What a great way to recycle, right?