7 Internet “Beauty Hacks” You Need To Stop Doing Right Now


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When I was younger, I lived for DIY beauty hacks. I’d try anything that I found on YouTube, hoping to find the best tricks for perfect skin, hair, and makeup.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love finding a genius beauty hack and giving it a shot. Unfortunately, some people on the internet just have no idea what they’re talking about.


Here are some internet beauty hacks you should never try. They may work, but they can cause a ton of damage in the long run.

  1. Using Milk of Magnesia As Makeup Primer.
    I was guilty of this one. Milk of Magnesia keeps oils at bay for a super long time, so technically, this works. It contains magnesium hydroxide, which absorbs lipids from your skin.It also contains sodium hypochlorite, which is a bleaching agent that is much too harsh for the skin. The PH is around 10.5 which is also too high, & can damage skin over time.
  2. Using Coconut Oil As A Moisturizer.
    This stuff is great for scaly elbows or moisturizing dry hair, but do not, I repeat do not put this on your face. Coconut oil is very comedogenic, so it causes clogged pores, leading to acne.It also can end up drying out the skin on your face more over time, because the structure of coconut oil allows it to fight it out with the natural oils on your face.
  3. Using Hairspray As A Makeup Setting Spray. 

    Using hairspray for a makeup setting spray would work in theory, except all of the alcohol could severely dry out your skin. That, and it’ll probably leave your face sticky, allowing dirt to grab on.Makeup setting spray is worth the splurge. You’re better just setting it with water or witch hazel than you are with hairspray.

  4. Using Salt Or Sugar As An Exfoliator.

    Does this method exfoliate your skin? Absolutely, but it also causes micro-tears in your skin that lead to premature aging.Instead of using a physical scrub, invest in a chemical scrub. It’ll do the job but won’t hurt your skin in the long run.


  5. Using Toothpaste To Dry Up Pimples. 

    Drying up pimples with toothpaste is a big no-no. Toothpaste usually contains harsh cheicals like peroxide. This could cause more irritation.This hack could also severely dry out the area, causing it to become flaky while leaving the pimple in tact.


  6. Using Lemon Juice To Lighten Discoloration.

    Though lemon has been used as a bleach for years, it’s also something that contains a lot of acid. Acid is extremely potent and can actually burn your skin.If you use this hack and go out into the sun, you’re at a much higher risk for sunburn or discoloration.


  7. Using Sharpie As An Eyeliner. 

    You’re probably thinking “why would anyone do this?” Well, apparently Taylor Swift did this in a bathroom once because she ran out of eyeliner.The scent of this stuff alone could irritate your eyes, so imagine drawing in on. Chemical reactions, redness, infections… just stay away from this one.


What beauty hacks do you stay away from?