7 Hacks That Keep Your Festival Makeup On All Day – Guaranteed


Naomi Jon / YouTube


Festival Face

Festival season is here: Coachella, Stage Coach, Burning Man, Lollapalooza, and so much more are coming. If you’re lucky enough to go to a festival this year, you’re probably already planning your makeup.


No matter what makeup you wear, you want it to last. There are a few tricks I’ve gathered over the years that always work for me. 

Here they are so you can use them too!

Hack #1: Start With A Completely Clean Face

Long story short, if your face is dirty or covered in day-old makeup, your new makeup won’t stick, and it’ll look patchy and gross. Wash your face and do your usual skincare routine for the best results.

Before you put on your makeup, make sure you let your skincare products with oils soak in, especially if you use something like a face oil, which can break down makeup if not absorbed first. 

Hack #2: Use Waterproof Makeup

I know, this one is pretty much a given. Waterproof makeup is sweat-resistant, meaning no matter how hard you dance or how hot it is outside, it’ll stay in place.

Think waterproof for everything: foundation, concealer, eyebrows, and more. It’ll stay perfect this way!

Hack # 3: Invest In A Primer & A Setting Spray

A primer is used to grab on to your makeup. Smooth one all over your face before any of your other makeup. There are all kinds of types– matte, dewy, pore filling, and more. Some are even waterproof!

A setting spray finishes everything off, melting your products into the skin, keeping it in place, and waterproofing everything. I like to spray setting spray after every layer (I know, overkill) for extra hold.

Hack #4: Powder Before Putting On Your Foundation

If you have dry skin, I suggest you skip this step. If you’re an oilier person, or you sweat a TON, this could be a great hack for you. After your primer, powder your face. 

This sets the primer and gives your skin an extra layer of protection, and the powder clings to the foundation, keeping it in place!

Hack #5: Seal With Hairspray

I learned this trick recently. After using your setting spray, hold a can of hairspray far from your face. Spray a few spritzes, then let it dry, and it’ll keep your makeup in the same spot for HOURS.

Hack #6: Use An Eyelid Primer

An eyelid primer does a few things: it grabs onto your eyeshadow, keeping it stuck in one spot. It also makes things a lot more bright and pigmented, perfect for a festival look.

Hack #7: Using A Lipstick? Do This!

Prep your lips by exfoliating and putting on a lip balm. Put on the rest of your makeup, then wipe off your lip balm and add foundation and powder to your lips.

Use a lipliner and fill in your lips with it. Then, wear a liquid-to-matte lipstick, which dries down and is kiss proof. That should stay on all day AND all night (unless you eat a ton of greasy food, of course).


If you want a festival makeup look idea, check out the video below by YouTuber Naomi Jon. I love this idea!

No matter what festival you’re going to, I hope these tips work for you and you have a ton of fun. Remember to wear your sunscreen and drink a ton of water!