7 DIY Fails You’ll Have To See To Believe


Vicky Wasik / seriouseats.com, Skiddle1138 / boredpanda.com


All of us have been there. We find an awesome DIY idea, we give it a try, and it just does not turn out the way we expected it to.

Sometimes I’m shocked at just how bad it turned out when I had such a good idea to begin with. I always have a good laugh whenever that ends up happening.


Here are 7 people that just plain failed at their DIY project. On the bright side, their fails definitely made me laugh just as hard as when I fail at my own DIYs, and they’ll probably make you laugh too.

Devilish Eggs

She Knows / sheknows.com, Pinterest Fail / pinterestfail.com

These deviled egg chicks are a great Easter snack… that is, if they actually end up looking like chicks. This DIYer ended up with some misshapen blobs with olive bits.

Marble Nail Fail

VictoriaC7 / Tumblr, @Danielle Suzan / Twitter

Anyone who has ever painted their nails has had a nail art fail… but probably not one this bad. Marble nails involve dipping your nails in a water bath with polish, which explains the mess, but yikes.

Peppa Pig Plunder

Cake Central / cakecentral.com, Pinterest Fail / pinterestfail.com

This baking fail came from someone wanting to make their 3-year-old the perfect birthday cake. Apparently the little one loved it, but for the rest of us, this is something out of nightmares.

Comic Book Chaos

Pinterest / Good Housekeeping, Laura / Pinterest Fail

Making yourself look like an old pop art character should be easy enough, right? Wrong. In this girl’s case, she looks more like a ventriloquist dummy.

Wreath Havoc

Blue Cricket Design / bluecricketdesign.net, Pinstrosity / pinstrosity.blogspot.com

In the beginning of this DIY, the maker had hope. It looked so good! But once they hung up this sock wreath, it sunk and didn’t look anything like the inspiration.

Crayon Catastrophe

Instructables / instructables.com, Bored Panda / boredpanda.com

Just hot glue some crayons to a canvas, then use a blow dryer to make some gorgeous art. Obviously this person thought duct tape would be a good substitute. It wasn’t.

Caramel Lava

Vicky Wasik / seriouseats.com, Skiddle1138 / boredpanda.com

Apparently, this person forgot they were making caramel sauce while at work. I have a theory that they were actually trying to create lava from scratch. Or harness the sun.

Seriously, how long did you leave this thing on the stove, dude?!


If you’re planning on doing any of these projects any time soon, please don’t make any of the same mistakes these people did.

I’m begging you.

Wanna see some more fails? Check out the compilation video below.