7+ Creative Ways To Dye Easter Eggs


Sarah Johnson - Pugdemonium / YouTube


Easter Egg Decorating

The hallmark of Easter is egg decorating. Everyone loves decorating eggs, but you’re probably tired of the same method of egg dying. They’re all the same!


Well, not anymore. I came across egg dying methods by Sarah Johnson – Pugdemonium that are unique and easy. Step up your Easter egg game with these simple tricks.

Let’s get started.

Here’s what you’ll need to make all of these eggs:

  • eggs (obviously)
  • dyes in multiple colors
  • something to lift the eggs out of the dyes
  • toothpick or skewer
  • crayons
  • aluminum foil
  • masking tape
  • rubber bands
  • paper towels
  • paste made with flour and water

To begin all of these eggs, you’ll need to remove the inside of the eggs from the shells. Place pieces of tape on the top and bottom. Poke a small hole on the top and a larger hole on the bottom with a tack.

Insert a paperclip into those holes and wiggle it around to break up the yolk. Then, blow through the small hole at the top to blow the egg through the bottom.

Now that the eggs are hollowed, you can dye them. Mix your egg dye with water as the directions say. From here, you can do your method of choice. Here are 8 for you:

The Crayon Method

This method is easy. Draw something on your egg, then dunk it into the dye. The crayon resists the dye and leaves a design behind!

The Sticker Method

Much like the crayon method, this leaves a design behind, but the stickers are more uniform. Use this method for polka dots, stars, hearts, and more! Peel off the stickers once dyed.

The Foil Method

This may be my favorite egg method. Crinkle up some foil, then wrap it around the egg, leaving some excess foil. Be sure the egg is completely covered. Dip it, dry it off, and remove the foil.

It looks like a watercolor painting! So cool, huh?

Speckled Texture Method

Dip dye the egg just until it turns a certain color. Then, swirl it around in another colored dye. Put part of the egg back into the original color, then remove and dab with a paper towel.

Boom, a speckled egg!


This is just 4 of the 8. Wanna see the rest? Watch Sarah Johnson – Pugdemonium‘s video below!

Happy Easter!