7 Clever Tips To Prevent Online Scammers From Stealing Your Money


TimeStopper / Getty Images


Nobody wants to be that person. You know, the one whose identity was stolen, or the one who has 7 cents in their bank account because their money was taken.

Fortunately, there are actually ways to prevent any of that from happening. Besides not giving anyone your social security number, here are a few ways to prevent it.


Don’t Overshare On Social Media

The more people know about you, the easier it is for them to figure out probable passwords, security question answers, and more. Be conscious of what you share with the internet.

Regularly Update Apps On Your Phone

The reason apps have updates is often because they are patching up security holes. By updating your phone apps, you’re preventing people from getting into your accounts or taking information.

Lie In Your Security Questions

If you have correct answers on your security questions, they can often be found on social media profiles. Your pet’s names, your mom’s maiden name… all of that is common information that’s easily accessed.

Coming up with blatant lies that are saved in other places for reference will protect your accounts.

Avoid Using The Same Password

If a hacker hacks one account, they can hack multiple accounts if the password is the same. Try to vary it as much as possible so it’s harder on them.

Check Your Bank Account Frequently

Most banks will be able to recover stolen funds if they’re caught quickly, so pay attention to what you spend. The bank usually will take care of everything for you if they catch something.

Tighten Up Your Privacy Settings

This goes without saying, but the higher your privacy settings are, the less likely it is that those accounts will be compromised.

Don’t Send Sensitive Information On Social Media

If you need to communicate financial information with someone, never send it through social media. This includes email. The less digital, the better. Phone calls or in-person meetings are ideal.


What tips do you have to prevent scams?