6 Dollar Store Fall Decor DIYs For $6 Or Less


Glue Guns & Roses / YouTube


Summer is winding down. Whether that makes you happy or sad, it’s time to start thinking about fall, and the best way to ring in the fall season is to decorate.

There’s no need for fall decor to be expensive. In fact, it can be super cheap. How, you ask? Easy! Dollar store DIYS by Glue Guns & Roses on YouTube.


Here are 6 of them, and they each cost her $6 or less. Talk about cheap!

Fall Garland

With some burlap and some letters, you can make an adorable garland that really rings in the season. Mix it up by writing cursive letters with permanent marker, or create images instead!

Watch the video below for tips and tricks on how this is done.

Cotton Wreath

Glue Gun & Roses / YouTube

All you need are a large willow wreath and some decorative cotton stems. That’s it! Just bend it around, and if you feel it’s absolutely necessary, hot glue things down.

You’re done!

Book Covers

Remember making paper book covers in elementary school? You can still do that now! Decorate them with words or images that fit the season, and put them on display.

So cute!

Autumn Jars

Glue Gun & Roses / YouTube

This one is super simple. Keep old jars, whether they’re from jalapeƱos or from used jam and more. Rinse and clean them out, then fill them with dollar store items.

Glue Guns & Roses uses pumpkins and other gourds, pinecones, and more. See what your dollar store has and see what you can come up with!

Rustic Fall Plant Pot

100% acetone, toilet bowl cleaner, and a dollar store metal bucket are all you need. First, remove any lettering with the acetone, unless you wanna keep it.

Cover in the toilet bowl cleaner, set it outside for a few hours in the sun, rinse it off and your bucket is rustic!

Please be careful with this one and be sure to research your toilet bowl cleaner thoroughly to be sure you handle it properly.

Farmhouse Candle Holder

Glue Gun & Roses / YouTube

Believe it or not, this is made from a knock-off Jenga game! Crazy, right? With some paint, some glue, and a few other cheap items, you’ve got a candle holder you’ll love showing off.

For more on how all of these DIYs are done, check out the video below by Glue Guns & Roses, then get started on making your own.

Happy Fall!