5 Ways To Use Hydrogen Peroxide


Serenethos / Getty Images


Everyone knows hydrogen peroxide is great for helping clean scrapes, whiten teeth, or even use as a cleaner around the house, but oddly, there’s so much you definitely don’t know.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used for all sorts of things. These 5 shocked me the most, and I’m sure they’ll surprise you too.


Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Not only does hydrogen peroxide whiten teeth, but it helps with bad breath, too! Use it once a week (no more, no less,) to kill all of the bad bacteria in your mouth and freshen your breath.

Lighten Your Hair

Hydrogen peroxide is used in the bleach we use for hair. If you mix water and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, comb, then let it dry, it’ll gradually lighten your hair!

Clean Fruits & Veggies

If you spray some food-grade hydrogen peroxide on your fruits and veggies, you can say bye bye to bacteria. Be sure to rinse thoroughly!

Banish An Ear Infection

Gross, I know, but it’ll clear out any blockages and bacteria in your ears, so while you’re waiting for those antibiotics to kick in, hydrogen peroxide drops will do wonders.

Help Plants Grow

Soaking your plant seeds in hydrogen peroxide simulates rainwater, because water with oxygen in the air in converted into H2O2. It naturally occurs, so it helps the plants grow!

For every 1 ounce of peroxide, use two cups of water.


So cool, right? What do you use hydrogen peroxide for?