5 Surprising Ways You Can Decorate With Candy Corn


krolone / Getty Images


Have you ever thought about using your favorite candy as a Halloween decoration? Not only is it possible, but it’s incredibly creative, perfect for those on a budget, and it looks amazing!

Candy corn is one of the best candies to use as a decoration. There are hundreds of options, but here are 5 easy ideas to get you started!


Fill A Vase

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do with candy corn as there’s no gluing or anything. Just fill whatever you want to fill with candy corn, like a vase, then add whatever else, like flowers.

That’s it!

Glue On A Candle

You’ll want to use an LED candle for this, since the less heat, the better. Think about it: fire, candy, and hot glue? Not the best combo.

You’ll need to work quickly when gluing it too, since there is heat involved, but it’s pretty easy!

Make A Garland

Use a needle to string candy corn on to a piece of thick string. Be sure to do this on the middle of the candy for the best holding power.

Spread On A Table

This couldn’t get any easier: just spread this on your table, and it will end up looking super cute! I think it looks best on top of a table cloth or runner, but anything works.

Glue To A Picture Frame

Get a dollar store picture frame and glue on some candy corn. In just a few minutes, you have an instant Halloween frame!


Who knew candy corn could be such a perfect decorating tool? Cheap, easy, and adorable!

What’s your go-to Halloween decoration?