5 Unicorn DIYs For Back-To-School


Aira Tran / YouTube


Within the last few years, it seems there’s been unicorns everywhere. Unicorn candy, unicorn outfits, unicorn makeup, and more.

The latest on rotation? Unicorn-themed school supplies. I see them on sale everywhere, but I think it’s way more fun to make your own.


Luckily, some YouTubers agree with me and have created DIY YouTube tutorials that let you make your own unicorn school supplies!

Aira Tran on YouTube has compiled 5 different unicorn DIYs that are perfect for back-to-school. Let’s make our own!

Unicorn Bookmark

Aira Tran / YouTube

With some paper, some markers, and some glitter, you can fold up an adorable unicorn bookmark that’s perfect for school.

Aira Tran makes hers below. I made my horn glitter purple, but you can mix and match the paper, markers, and glitter to fit your personality.

Unicorn Poop Eraser

Aira Tran / YouTube

Glitter and colorful eraser clay are all you need to make this adorably gross eraser. Knead the clay together in whatever way you’d like.

Add your glitter, and you’re done! Super easy, huh?

Unicorn Notebook

Aira Tran / YouTube

Decorate a plain notebook to look like a unicorn! This one is also super simple. Just use a piece of paper and make a unicorn face.

Then, add ears, a horn, and a “mane” using different textures like pom poms. Easy!

Starbucks Unicorn Pencil Sharpener & Eraser

Aira Tran / YouTube

Whip out that eraser clay again to top off this super cute sharpener with some “whipped cream.”

The sharpener is decorated to look like the unicorn frappuccino. How cute is that? Watch Aira build hers!

Unicorn Pencil Case

Aira Tran / YouTube

With some felt, some markers, and a little creativity, you’ve got an adorable unicorn pencil case!

This may be the easiest besides the eraser. Check out the video below for more!


Which is your favorite back-to-school DIY?


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