5 Super-Cheap Ways To Renovate Your Kitchen


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If you’re like me or any other person on the planet, your dream kitchen is probably on your mind often. Unfortunately, it can get pretty expensive… until now.


I’ve gathered 5 DIY ways to re-do your kitchen for super cheap. Here they are, and I can’t wait for you to try them!

Contact Paper Counters

If you’ve been dreaming about marble countertops, then I’m about to change your life. Contact paper is basically a huge sticker that you can put over any surface and it transforms it into whatever you want.

For example, if you get a marble pattern, then it can make your counters look SO much more expensive than they actually are. That, and contact paper is rental friendly!

Add a waterproof sealant on top, and you’ve got brand new counters for super cheap!

Repainting Cabinets & Drawers

This one is pretty straight-forward, but simply unscrew your cabinets and take out your drawers, then paint them. Changing colors makes such a huge difference, and it doesn’t cost a whole lot.

Handle Switch-Outs

If you head to a thrift store, you can usually find disconnected handles, or you can buy them online. Switching out the handles of your cabinets and drawers can give everything a whole new feel!

Backsplash Stickers

Why spend a ton of money on backsplash tiles when there are backsplash stickers? Yup, just like contact paper, you can stick on backsplash wherever you want it!

Just apply this like wallpaper and it will transform your whole kitchen.

DIY Art & Decor

Now that you’ve done all of your kitchen makeover basics, it’s time to add you decor! A lot of things can be made from stuff at the dollar store, and you can do whatever you’d like to make it your own.


Will you be DIY-ing your kitchen? What kind of style are you going to go for?