5 Sewing Space Hacks


withwendy / YouTube


The Perfect Sewing Room

Every sewing room needs to be the perfect space for making your next project. If you’re in the process of doing (or re-doing) your sewing room, there are some things to keep in mind.

These 5 hacks from YouTuber withwendy are perfect for making your perfect sewing room. If you haven’t tried these, you really should!


Tape Your Tape

Tape your measuring tape to your table to make measurements a whole lot easier when you’re sewing. This will come in handy for almost every project, so get to taping!

Get A Lint Roller & Dust Cloths

When storing fabrics, dust tends to accumulate. The lint roller will get it off the fabric, and the dust cloths will clean up the space surrounding it. Perfect for cleaning up everything!

Organize Your Fabric Based On Season

When it comes to a sewing room, everyone has those fabrics that accumulate. You don’t know what you’re going to do with it, or when you’re going to use it.

If you organize by season, it’s much easier to figure out! When sewing for fall & winter, look through that pile fabrics. For spring & summer, check those fabrics. You can also make piles for holidays!

Find Something Different To Listen To

You don’t always have to listen to music. Wendy recommends podcasts in order to get something a little different in your sewing room.

Audiobooks are also a great option, so you can get your reading done while sewing!

Use Wall Storage If Possible

Keeping your sewing space near a wall allows you to keep things hanging on the wall near you. Not only does this organize everything, but it keeps it within arms reach!


What tips do you have for the perfect sewing room?