5 Gorgeous Items In Less Than 3 Yards Of Fabric– With A Free Pattern!


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Free Pattern = Happy Quilter

There’s nothing that gets my quilter’s heart going like a free pattern… Especially when that free pattern is easy to follow, doesn’t need a lot of materials, and turns out beautiful!


It seems I’ve found just that. Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics is back at it again with another free pattern and video tutorial! This one is one of my favorites she has ever done.

I love the color scheme and how much you get out of so little. With just 2 and a half yards of fabric, you get 4 adorable placemats and a table runner. What could be better than that?

This windmill pattern is just gorgeous and looks good no matter what time of year you use the results. Wanna make them yourself? Here’s how!

In addition to your tools (rulers, sewing machine, etc.) and batting, you will need:

  • 1 yard of light fabric
  • 1 yard of dark fabric
  • 1/2 yard of accent fabric

Along with these tools and fabrics, you will probably want to use Donna’s free pattern, which you can access by clicking here.

How It’s Done

The main design of this is a windmill, which is super easy to make. All it is are some triangles! The borders are super easy as will, just strips of fabric contrasting from the main block.

For more info on how to get this done perfectly, watch Donna’s video below and get started on your own!