$5 DIY Witch Hat Will Have Your Wallet Feeling Magical


Pins and Things / YouTube


Witches: they’re everywhere. From Hocus Pocus, to Wicked, to Sabrina The Teenage Witch and even cultural events like the Salem With Trials, there’s no avoiding them.


That’s why being a witch for Halloween is still so popular after all these years. When all else fails, you can be a witch for Halloween!

With a witch’s costume, the most important thing you need is a witch’s hat, and if you’re in the mood for a super spooky sewing project, they’re actually pretty easy to make!

Start by making a pattern of a triangle with a rounded bottom. It should be 22″ from the bottom to the top, and 12.5″ from edge to edge at the bottom, rounding the edge.

Make the brim any size you want it to be, using a bowl and/or plate to create your template. Hers is 18″ across with the inside at 6.5″.

You’ll want to use a thick fabric for this as well. If you want a crazy fabric that isn’t too thick, you can use iron-on pellon to help with the thickness.

Once you cut and sew everything up, you can use bias tape and 12 gauge wire to hold up the brim. The actual stitching of all of this is beyond fast.

Watch Pins and Things sew this adorable witch’s hat in the video below, then give it a try yourself!