5 Delicious Recipes Using Those Leftover Easter Eggs


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Believe it or not, you don’t always have to throw out your Easter eggs after Easter. In fact, since most Easter egg dyes are simply food coloring or non-toxic dyes, you can use them!

All Easter eggs are is hard boiled eggs with a dyed shell, so they’re perfect to use in all sorts of recipes. We’ve chosen 5 of our absolute favorites so you don’t have to let those eggs go to waste.


#1: Classic Egg Salad

This one is no brainer: hard boiled eggs make egg salad, so why not use those Easter eggs for some? It’s a great springtime side and super easy to make.

You can use egg salad as a side dish, or convert it into a full-on meal by making egg salad sandwiches! Our favorite recipe is by Laura In The Kitchen, which you can learn to make in the video above.

#2: Eggs Goldenrod

Eggs Goldenrod was introduced in Betty Crocker’s 1956 picture cookbook. It may not be incredibly well-known, but it’s delicious, and a great way to use those leftover eggs!

I found a great recipe from MrGrunthunter’s Adventures on YouTube, and once you try it, it’ll become one of your favorite recipes for breakfast!

#3: Deep-Fried Deviled Eggs

Sure, regular deviled eggs are great, but deep fried deviled eggs? Now that’s something we can get behind. Just grab your regular hard boiled eggs and get started.

This incredible recipe is from Tasty. We promise after one bite, you’ll never want to make regular deviled eggs again!

#4: Cobb Salad

Cobb salad is the BEST. Lettuce, tomato, chicken, avocado, bacon, blue cheese, a creamy dressing… it’s too delicious.This salad is packed with protein, too, so it’s a great meal! What’s not to love? 

One of the key ingredients is hard boiled eggs, so this salad is a great way to use those leftover ones from Easter. Check out What’s For Din’?‘s recipe above.

#5: Scotch Eggs

If you’re a meat lover, then you’re going to love this one. You can use hard boiled or soft boiled eggs for this recipe, so change them out as you will, but we’ll be using our leftover Easter eggs.

Check out Chef John from Food Wishes‘ recipe above, and you’ll be a mega-fan of scotch eggs after one bite.