4 Adorable Hairstyles Perfect For Spring


Annies Forget Me Knots / YouTube


Hairstyles Galore

Spring is here. You know what that means? It’s time for two things: clothes for warmer weather, and getting your hair out of your face.


Instead of doing the classic ponytail or some pigtails, get a little creative and think outside the box. Annies Forget Me Knots has created a video tutorial of 4 adorable hairstyles perfect for the warmer weather.

Since your hair is going to be half up and half down, you can start by either straightening or curling your hair to make the hairstyle of your choice pop. From there, we can do your hairstyle.

Style #1: A Simple Pin-Back

This hairstyle starts with a side part, but you can do this with a middle part

For a bit of volume, tease the crown to create a bit of a bump. From there, take a small section from each side and bobby pin that piece behind your ear. Adjust as needed, and you’re done!

Style #2: Wrap-Around Braid

Start by taking a small section from each side, then braid them and wrap them backwards, grabbing a small piece of additional hair to the front as you go with each step. This is called a Dutch braid.

You’ll be adding hair from the front and back sections, crossing your hair under the middle piece. Once you reach the end of your eyebrows, you can stop adding hair and just do a regular braid.

Pin both braids back to the bottom of the crown of your head. Then you’re done!

Style #3: Wrap-Around Chunky Braid

Much like the previous style, you’re going to do a braid wrap around using the Dutch braid method, except for this one, you’ll grab additional hair from both the top and bottom sections.

You’ll also want to do this with bigger sections of hair. Then, you’ll pull the braid apart to separate the hair and make it a little more bubbly. Secure it in place with the bobby pins, and you’re done!

Style #4: Half-Up Ponytail

Brush the front section of your hair backward, much like you’re doing a regular ponytail, but leave the bottom section alone. Pull it back into a ponytail and secure it in place.

Adjust as necessary, and you’re done!


Which style will you choose?