3 Variations That Make String Piecing A Breeze


Fons & Porter / YouTube


String Piecing

String piecing: it’s a quilting must-know. Not only does it allow you to fly through your scrap stash, but you can create so many interesting designs with this technique!


Colleen Tauke, the sewing specialist at Fons & Porter, demonstrates all of these different techniques in the video below. String piecing may look difficult, but there’s definitely a method for you.

She goes through 3 different variations, all of which are super simple to do. So with that in mind, let’s get started with your string piecing!

How To String Piece

From the get-go, you’re going to want to find some sort of base for your string pieces. Here are 3 variations: a permanent stabilizer that stays in the block, simple pieces of fabric, or even paper!

The permanent stabilizer and fabric piece both will be permanent pieces of your block. The paper, on the other hand, is removed after your piecing is finished. Colleen tends to use the permanent stabilizer.

Collen also takes a “design as you go” approach, preparing the fabrics beforehand but cutting a ton of different fabrics to different widths. Then, you can start on your blocks!

Start from the center and work outward. It doesn’t have to be perfectly aligned, but getting it aligned in the way you’d like it to lay makes it pretty easy.

For stitching tips, watch Colleen’s video down below, then get started on your own. It’s “sew” easy!