3 Summer Dip Recipes Perfect For That Backyard Barbecue


The Domestic Geek / YouTube


During the summer, barbecues are the best way to bring together your family and friends. While the burgers are cooking, however, I get hungry, and I want to snack on something while I wait.

That’s where these dips come in. Imagine these: bacon ranch dip, whipped feta dip, and creamy avocado and sweet corn dip.


I know, I’m basically drooling too. The Domestic Geek is back again with another set of recipes, this time for these delicious dips.

Whipped Feta Dip

The Domestic Geek / YouTube
  • crumbled feta cheese
  • greek yogurt
  • lemon, zest & juice
  • Greek seasoning
  • garlic
  • diced roasted red peppers
  • chopped fresh parsley

You can get the recipe amounts by clicking here.

In a food processor, combine all of your ingredients until it’s completely smooth, then let it go a little longer so it becomes fluffy and airy.

Serve it up with whatever you’d like. I prefer pita chips!

Bacon Ranch Dip

The Domestic Geek / YouTube
  • cream cheese at room temperature
  • sour cream
  • bacon, cooked and chopped
  • green onions
  • ranch seasoning
  • prepared horseradish
  • Worcestershire sauce

For recipe amounts, click here.

In a large bowl, whisk together your cream cheese and sour cream. Then, add in the rest of your ingredients. Now it’s ready to serve with anything you’d like!

Creamy Avocado & Sweet Corn Dip

The Domestic Geek / YouTube
  • avocados
  • sour cream
  • corn on the cob
  • chili powder
  • chopped fresh cilantro
  • lime, zest and juice
  • garlic
  • salt & pepper to taste

Click here to see the full amounts of each ingredient for the recipe.

In a food processor, combine all of your ingredients. Now it’s ready to go. It’s amazing with veggies and tortilla chips!


Which one(s) will you try?