3 Ways To Use Lawn Flamingos


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Lawn flamingos are pretty popular. They’re adorable little decorations you’ll be obsessed with as soon as you see them. But did you know you could do a ton more with them than meets the eye?

With a little DIY prowess, you can turn those little flamingos into a ton of things. Just look at these 3 examples to get started!


Lawn Flamingo Jewelry Hooks

Wanna use those flamingos for something truly unorthodox? Give these adorable little jewelry hooks a try! They’re easy to make and are probably the cutest way to use them.

It involves cutting the heads off the flamingos then refashioning them into something you can hang up. Watch HGTV‘s video above for more on how this is done. Too cute, right?

Lawn Flamingo Ring Toss Game

SugarandCloth.com has this DIY all ready to go on their website. You can learn how to build this from scratch by checking out their website. Click here to see.

All you need are some flamingos with stakes, some plastic rings, some spray paint, and possibly some concrete to get the flamingos to stay up (this part is optional).

This is the cutest ring toss game I’ve ever seen, and frankly, why get another ring toss when you can make one like this?

Turn Them Into Vultures

Whether you’re preparing for Halloween or just want something a bit more unique than flamingos in your front yard, you can turn your flamingos into something completely different!

Check out the video above that shows step by step how a flamingo can become a vulture. Pretty cool, huh?


This summer, take those lawn flamingos and turn them into something incredible. From the paint job of the vulture to the fun DIY ring toss game, there are endless possibilities.

What are you going to do with yours?