3 Halloween Costumes Made Out Of A Laundry Basket


HGTV / YouTube


Can’t decide what to be for Halloween? Well, that old laundry basket may be able to help. There are a ton of creative ways to use these things to your advantage this Halloween.

Here are 3 of them to get you started.


Basketball Hoop

Remove the bottom of your basket, making sure to cut along the netting so it looks like a basketball hoop. Paint the rim of the basket to look like a hoop, or wrap colored tape around it.

Take a white foam board and place a square of red tape on it to resemble a backboard. Cut half a basketball and hot glue it on the board.

Make ribbon suspenders and put on the basket, then use the ball as a hat so the board stays suspended. Then you’re done!

Bed of Flowers

Cut off the bottom of your basket. Paint if desired, then weave a ribbon in and out of the holes of the basket. Tape fake flowers along the inside, making sure there’s enough room for you inside.

Create a flower headpiece if desired, along with some ribbon suspenders, put it on, and you’re done!

Bowl of Cereal

Cut off the bottom of your laundry basket. Then, cut a few pool noodles into slices to form pieces of cereal. Cut out a piece of foam board that fits your laundry basket.

Cut a smaller circle out of that circle to fit the person inside. Glue the pieces of pool noodle on to the ring that remains. Add that ring to the basket, then add your person.

Make suspenders out of ribbon, tie them off, and they’re a bowl of cereal!


Which one’s your favorite?