3 Cheap DIY Decorations Guaranteed To Creep Out Your Halloween Guests


ClaCali / YouTube


Halloween is on its way, meaning you need to get on decorating for it. Luckily, the dollar store is your best friend. You can get decorations there, and make your own with the other supplies!

I came across this video from ClaCali and she had 3 of the best ideas for the season. They’re cheap, and super creepy, perfect for the season!


Wanna give some a try? Here’s how to make them!

A Hand Candle

A hand candle, or a handle, if you will, is super easy to make. Just take 5 regular tapered candles and trim them to fit the fingers of a rubber glove. Once you stick them in the fingers, melt some wax.

Pour the melted wax into the rubber glove. Hang to dry. Once it hardens, cut away the glove. Melt the finger tips to expose the wicks, and decorate however you’d like (colored wax, etc.) and you’re done!

Rubber Spider Lamp

Take a couple of rubber spiders and tape them to the inside of a lamp shade. switch out your light bulb with a blacklight light bulb, and you’ve got the creepiest lamp ever.

Take your excess spiders and place them all over your house: soap dispensers, coffee tables, or whatever else you can think of!

Evil Baby Doll Centerpiece

Take a cheap baby doll and cut off the head. Paint the head to look like a zombie, ghost, or whatever else creeps you out.

Cut a hole in the top to make a tunnel through to the bottom. Put a tapered candle through it, and put a few of them on a candelabra!


Need a visual? Watch the video below and give it a try yourself!