3 Brilliant Methods For Making Popsicle Stick Boats


Reida Projects / YouTube


Popsicle stick boats were a 70s craft staple. If you grew up around that time, then you definitely remember grabbing some popsicle sticks and attempting to make a boat that floated.

With some trial and error, eventually you found a way that works, and you made that boat over and over again, letting it flow down the street during a rainy day or putting it in your local lake.


Ah, childhood memories… there’s nothing like them. So why not give the same opportunity to this next generation of little ones and let them try their hand at making these little boats?

If the original popsicle stick boat isn’t something they want to do, there are a ton of different versions. Here are 3 of my personal favorites.

The Classic

Everyone has made this simple popsicle stick boat. It may be one of the easiest crafts to ever exist, and you’re gonna love making it no matter what age you are.

Check out the tutorial by AllFreeKidsCrafts above and get started on your own!

The Lake Boat

How cute is this little guy? It looks much more like an actual boat and just like the first version, it’s super easy to make. I love the little cabin on this one.

Check out Reida Project‘s video above for an easy video tutorial on how to do this. Easy as pie!

The Paddle Boat

Now this one is cool. It’s a fully functioning little paddle boat! Making this DIY is super fun and super easy, plus, there’s some added function there, which I think is adorable.

Check out DaveHax‘s video for the paddle boat above. You’ll love making this one!


Which popsicle stick boat is your favorite?