3 Back-To-School Supplies DIYs You Need In Your Backpack This Year


JENerationDIY / YouTube


Back-to-school season is almost here, meaning it’s time to grab your supplies. If you want to get a little creative and actually make your own supplies, it can be super easy.

For example, Jen Zhang from JENerationDIY used her DIY skills to create an awesome notebook, a cute pencil case, and some adorable laptop decals. Let’s get started making our own!



JENerationDIY / YouTube

This is probably the easiest DIY. Just cover your notebook in whatever you’d like. Jen uses a pretty watercolor paper that she makes herself and some paint to make it cohesive.

You can watch her video for more on how the watercolor paper was made, but besides that, here’s how to make the notebook.

Just paint the edges of the notebook, let it dry, then glue on your paper. There you go, a brand new notebook that’s completely personalized to your taste!

Pencil Case

JENerationDIY / YouTube

This one is probably the most difficult of the bunch, but Jen says she finished it in about 20 minutes. All you need is some fabric, a zipper, and some hot glue.

Cut out a piece of fabric in a rectangle a little larger that you want the pencil pouch to be. Fold it over and glue in your zipper, then turn it inside out and glue it in place, flipping it right side out.

You can watch Jen go more in depth in her video below. It’s easy!

Laptop Decals

JENerationDIY / YouTube

Finally, let’s do some laptop decals. This one is also super easy. It involves some printer paper, some tape, some water, and some scissors.

Place your tape down on some printed paper of your choice. Jen made the word “focus” as well as some stars. Now cut out the shapes/words.

Remove the paper but keep the ink by using water. Jen highlights this in her video below, showing you a super easy way to do it. It couldn’t be any simpler.


Which is your favorite back to school DIY?


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