3 Hairstyles For Back-To-School


Cute Girls Hairstyles / YouTube


The first day of school is THE day to look your best. That means finding the perfect hairstyle is absolutely necessary. That’s where Cute Girl Hairstyles comes in.

Mindy McKnight, the mastermind of the channel, came up with 3 stunning hairstyles that are absolutely perfect for your first day. You’re guaranteed to look cute!


Here they are so you can try them yourself.

Braided Buns

Cute Girl Hairstyles / YouTube

Start with two pigtails high up on your head. Then, lightly tease and braid each pigtail, securing in place. Pull apart the braids to make them larger, then twist them in on themselves, forming the bun.

Pin the buns in place, making sure to follow the same steps on the other side. For a little extra something, take out some hair in the front and curl them. Hairspray, and you’re done!

French Twist Side Braid

Cute Girl Hairstyles / YouTube

Part your hair on on side, then smooth it down as much as possible. Pick up a small section, then another one below that one, twisting it over. Repeat this process until the middle of your ear.

Now, take the twist section and two other sections of hair, and braid it all the way down. Secure with an elastic, and you’re done!

No Heat Curls- Plopping

Cute Girl Hairstyles / YouTube

With your hair damp, apply mouse to the hair. shake the hair and brush it forward. With a t-shirt, plop your head down on top of it. Tie it as Mindy shows in her video.

Finally, secure the t-shirt. Sleep on it or wait until it’s dry, then untie the t-shirt and you’ve got curls! Add any product you’d like and you’re done.


Which of these hair styles are you going to wear for your first day of school?


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