2 Ways To Sew Your Own Pillowcase From Only 1 Yard of Fabric


MADE Everyday / YouTube


I had never thought about making my own pillow cases, but the more I thought about it, the more the idea appealed to me. There are so many fabrics available to me, so I could create something perfect!

With just one yard of fabric, you can create any pillowcase you want. It’s a perfect beginner’s project as well, since only a few stitches are involved.


As Dana from MADE Everyday says in her tutorial below, it really isn’t rocket science. Here’s two ways to sew your own pillowcases with only 1 yard (44″x36″) of fabric.

Dana does this with 1 yard of cotton fabric or with 2/3 yard of fleece (since it’s 60″ wide).

The only real differences with these fabrics are where you stitch and what kind of stitch you use. Also, keep in mind you don’t want to press fleece because it could melt.

Method 1: Cotton

With the cotton, you’re going to use a regular straight stitch, sewing up the side and the bottom. Sew them right sides together, flip inside out, then sew the hem in place.

Dana presses her hem in place first so it’s easy to locate and sew later. She folds over 1/2″ followed by 4″, pressing after each fold.

She also keeps the salvage for extra security, so be sure to use a seam allowance wide enough to cover this.

The pillow is sewn inside out except for the hem. After just a couple of straight stitches, you’re done!

MADE Everyday / YouTube

Method 2: Fleece

With the fleece, you’ll use a zig zag stitch, sewing up both sides. Since it’s considered a knit fabric, you want to make sure it can stretch. Your hem will be a bit smaller and you won’t press it in place.

You’ll be doing another side instead of the bottom because of how wide the fleece is. She makes the stitches about 2.5 mm.

Just like the cotton pillowcase, fold the opening under to make a hem. Hers was shorter than the cotton case.

MADE Everyday / YouTube

That’s it, you’re done!

The perfect bedding for you is just a few steps away. I think I’m going to learn how to make my own sheets next!