2 Salad Bowls & Concrete Makes Backyard Fire Pit


DIY Creators / YouTube


During the summer, you need to have at least one bonfire or campfire. There’s something so beautiful about it, and summer is never complete without one.

DIY Creators / YouTube

That’s where this DIY by DIY Creators comes in. It’s easy to make and the results are beautiful… your own mini fire pit!


Here’s what you’ll need to make and operate the mini fire pit:

  • gel fuel for the fire
  • marbles or fire glass
  • high strength concrete mix
  • 2 bowls, one smaller than the other
  • wire mesh

In addition to the supplies above for the pit bowl itself, there are some tools you’ll need to get the same result as DIY Creators. You’ll need the following:

  • hand shovel
  • rubber mallet
  • palm sander aka sheet sander
  • sand paper 80 grit and 220 grit
  • motor oil or any other oil of choice
  • weights or large rock (hold bowl in place)
  • tin snips

Now for making this bad boy. In your larger bowl, mix your concrete according to instructions, ending up with a similar consistency to what DIY Creators uses.

Then, coat your second bowl in your oil and press it down in the middle of your first bowl filled with concrete.

Weigh this down with your weights or rocks, then use your palm sander to vibrate out any air bubbles. Use a mallet for any stubborn bubbles.

Wait for it to dry completely, then remove both bowls from the concrete. Sand if necessary.

DIY Creators / YouTube

Add in your wire mesh and your gel fuel as shown in the video below, followed by your marbles or rocks. 

Light it, and it’s ready to go! Watch the video down below for more on how this is done, and enjoy your new fire pit!