2 Genius Ways To Turn Old Bottles Into Adorable Bird Feeders


Avantgardens / Facebook, Birdy Official / YouTube


Bird Feeders

Spring is here and summer is on its way, and if you’re anything like me, that means you want to sit outside and watch the birds and squirrels do their thing.


What’s the perfect way to do that? With a bird feeder! Luckily, you can DIY bird feeders pretty easily these days. I’ve found two that are incredibly easy to make, and you probably have what you need already!

One of the feeders is something literally anyone can make. There are no crazy cuts, no complicated methods, and it’s made from something you should recycle anyway!

The supplies? A plastic water bottle, a small plastic dish, a larger dish, and some supplies to get it all together, like some scissors.

You can see how this feeder is built in full in a YouTube video below by Birdy Official.

If you’d like to make a bird feeder out of something a little sturdier, you can try the wine bottle method. Unlike the plastic water bottle, there’s a bit more work involved.

The wine bottle needs to be cut, and there’s a lot of wood you’ll need to cut up to make the unit that holds the bottle in place and allows you to refill it with seed whenever you’d like.

A video that teaches you how to make this cute little feeder can be found in the video below by Brett Withjack. It’s a lot easier than it seems, and it will last a lot longer in the long run.

Want to make one of these yourself? Watch the video then give a whack at it. You’ll be watching the animals stop to snack in no time!