15-Year-Old DIYs Fully-Functioning AirPods For $4


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AirPod DIY

Personally, I think spending hundreds of dollars on headphones without wires is a waste of money. Sure, they look super cool, and there’s added convenience when working out, but they’re a bit steep.


Don’t get me wrong. When I’m running or something, these seem great, but I’d probably if not definitely lose them. If these were a whole lot cheaper, then I definitely wouldn’t mind buying a pair.

Well, you don’t have to wait years for AirPods to plummet in price. A genius 15-year old boy turned Apple’s wired EarPods into AirPods for just $4.

15-year-old Sam Cashbook saw one of his friends was gifted a set of AirPods. Cashbook decided to make his own using his regular headphones, and it was beyond inexpensive.

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Cashbook bought a cheap bone conduction headset off of eBay, then managed to use that and his regular headphones to hot glue together some DIY AirPods.

But how did Cashbook manage to do this? With a ton of research and 2 months, he took apart the bone conduction headset’s circuit board. From there, he got to work.

“I replaced the battery with something a little bigger and hot glued it all together (definitely not the best approach),” Cashbook told Vice. “This project was really fun and only cost me around four dollars, and helped me improve my soldering skills for smaller components.”

Cashbook’s DIY AirPods don’t have all the features as the real ones, like wireless charging and a W2 chip, but nonetheless it’s impressive.

Click here to read Vice‘s article about Sam and his amazing DIY. Would you try something like this yourself?